Travel Tips

General Traveling

  • Request for Maps

  • You can request brochures, maps, tourist attraction places, destinations, etc. from hotels if you did not bring any.

  • Secure your Valuables

  • Keep your valuables in your handbag, not in your luggage bag.

  • Keep Small Change

  • Always keep small change in your wallet and large amount of money in one of your handbag compartments. Strangers might be eyeing on you when you pull out a large amount of money from your wallet.

  • Use Credit Card

  • Try to use your credit card instead of cash most of the time. You will find it a lot easier and avoid the hassle to convert the local currency.

  • Queue for Taxis

  • Try not to take taxis that seemed to be hanging around. Try to travel with hotel?s taxis, limousines or queue for taxis instead.

  • Secure your Passport

  • Do not carry your passport around everywhere you go. You may leave the passport in the hotel?s electronic safe.

  • Confirm your Return Flight

  • Confirm your return flight few days before the end of your scheduled travelling.

  • Prepare your Address Labels

  • You may want to pre-address labels for those people whom you plan to send a postcard. Then, you do not have to spend time addressing your destination, where there are so many more interesting things to do.