Travel Tips

Hotel Room

If you plan to stay at a specific hotel for an extended duration, negotiate the best rate possible with the hotel sales staff. You can usually get better rates than regular "corporate" rates.

If you will be working in your hotel room, ask for a room away from the hotel pool area; otherwise, you will end up dealing with all the pool noise.

If you have a confirmed reservation but the hotel has overbooked, you should ask for a free long distance telephone call to notify your office or family, free transportation to a nearby comparable hotel, and the first night at that nearby comparable hotel. You could also ask for free upgrade certificates or free weekend vouchers.

Some basic safety measures taken in your hotel room can greatly increase the likelihood that your next trip will be without incident. Read carefully the following and make a note of these tips before your next trip.

Locate all the fire exits, elevators and public phones.

Always keep the door closed and locked when you're in the room.

Never open your door without first knowing who is behind the door.

Call the front desk to verify unexpected deliveries, room service, or room repairs.

Place all your valuables in the hotel safe and get a written receipt for what you store. Be sure to confirm that the hotel's insurance will cover your items if stolen.

Leave the television or radio on when you go out of the room.

Do not place the "require maid service" sign on your door. It may signal that you are out of the room.

If you lose or misplace your key, notify the front desk immediately.

Avoid riding alone in elevators with strangers. Ask the hotel desk for an escort or ride when there are more people in the elevator.

Be sure that your room has a deadbolt, a chain, and a regular door lock. Make sure you use all of them before going to sleep