Travel Tips

General tips

When taking children camping, be sure to take a first-aid kit. Include bug repellent and anti-itch ointment for poison ivy or bug bites. Make sure that you have an alternate plan, a hotel nearby may be necessary if the weather turns ugly or your child just has enough of the great outdoors.

When staying in a hotel or motel, you will want to call ahead to see if they have necessary equipment for rent - cribs, roll-away beds, play pens, etc. Upon arrival, check with the concierge s desk about children s activities and possibly baby-sitting.

Make sure that your room is safe for your children. Check balcony doors and make sure that they are locked. Check the windows to be sure they cannot be easily opened or there are no dangling cords from blinds or draperies. Check all of the outlets, you may want to bring some outlet covers with you to use during your stay.

Staying at a family-friendly resort is a wonderful option. Everything there is geared toward families with children. Activities are planned for the children usually allowing Mom and Dad some quiet time.

When staying with family or friends in their home, be sure that any baby equipment that they may have on hand for your child to use is up to current safety standards. The bars on a crib should be no more that 2 3/8 in. apart. Call ahead and ask them to please place any breakable items in a high place. Again check outlets and any windows or doors that may be accessible to your child.

Be realistic about your itinerary. If you plan too many activities in a short period of time, your child is likely to make you pay for it. Becoming over tired makes children irritable and even more likely to have tantrums. Everyone will have a better time if you take it slow and have plenty of time for relaxation and rest.